Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Whatever Happened to Rex?

Due to a recent vacation, I have missed the last four episodes of Y&R. I contemplated viewing and writing an entry for each of those four episodes, but then I decided that I might as well just read the titles Tivo provides, and do a compound entry for all the episodes I've missed. That way I save four hours of watching soap operas. Not that watching soap operas is bad -- obviously I enjoy watching them, otherwise I would not have a blog about Y&R. But I think watching one episode a day is about the maximum amount of time I want to spend viewing soap operas. Once I start watching more than soap episode in a day, I'll feel bad because I know there are better ways I could be spending my time. The other reason to skip those four episodes is so that I can stay current. If I were to try to do a writeup for every episode, then I would fall behind and the blog wouldn't be current. So trust me, it's better this way!

Now, onto the episode titles that were provided by Tivo. In order, the titles of the four episodes that I missed were:
"Olivia Returns to Comfort Neil"
"Dru's Prayer Service"
"Sharon Comforts Neil"
"William Catches Jill With Ji Min"

So, I can gather from these four episode titles that Neil apparently is getting a lot of comforting. First Oliva, then Sharon. I also gather that Neil got his "damn" prayer service. If I were Neil, I wouldn't be so upset. Doesn't he know that his wife is going to come back in a few years, after she tries getting some other acting jobs and then comes to the realization that Y&R is the best she can do? If I were him, I would just enjoy the time apart, start dating some other women. I'm sure he'll start doing that soon enough. How long do soap opera people have to wait to start dating other people after their spouses have "died"? In real life, its probably six months or a year. So I bet in soap operas its more like one or two months.

The question is, though, who should Neil date? There really aren't that many available women on the show, now are there? Maybe they'll have to introduce a new character for Neil to date. Or maybe they'll just make him more of a minor character so they won't even have to deal with that.

All right, on to the final episode title, "William Catches Jill With Ji Min". I can't even recall who William is. Is William the older guy that is played by the dude who used to be on Knots Landing or something? Is he the one that Gloria wants to get with? If I recall correctly, there is a horrible love triangle with William, Jill, and Gloria. Neither of those women are the least bit appealing to me. For one thing, they're too old. But mostly I don't like them because I find both of those characters annoying. Jill is always shouting. And Gloria is conniving. Well, I guess soap operas have to have love stories, even for the unattractive people. Speaking of which, I wouldn't mind seeing a romance for Catherine Chancellor. What ever happened to Rex? Maybe they could write him back in if he's not dead yet.

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