Wednesday, April 18, 2007

"Shocking Photos are Released"

Based on the episode title, I thought that the photos in question were most likely photos of Amber naked. However, as it turned out the photos were actually of the accident on the cliff. I'll skip right to the end of the episode here, because I want to talk about the three photos that were shown.

The three photos supposedly illustrated that Sharon pushed Drucilla off the cliff, but it's my opinion that the photos absolutely did NOT illustrate anything. I paused the episode to take a good long look at the photos, and even after staring at them for two full minutes, I could not fathom how anyone could come to the conclusion that the accident is Sharon's fault based on those photos. Which made the following scene, where Neil comes up to Sharon and blames Dru's death on her, all the more sweet. I love how quickly Neil turns on everyone, he doesn't require much evidence apparently.

My actress of the day award goes to Christel Khalil (LILY). I thought she did an especially good job of being angry at Daniel today. This porn storyline has really been run into the ground in my opinion. I wish it would just be over with already. For God's sake, can't Daniel at least have an affair with a real woman? Then we might have an interesting storyline. Instead, he spends all his time on the computer looking at pictures of Amber, and then gets busted for it. Pathetic.

My favorite line of today's episode was also delivered by Lily. It occurred toward the very end of the episode when Daniel let it slip that Lily's dad, Neil, had been slipping alcohol into his coffee. Daniel asked Lily, "Haven't you noticed how much coffee your Dad's been drinking?" Lily replied, "That was my mom's favorite dark roast!" I had a good long laugh at that line -- it was just so absurd. Does anyone else think soap operas are better than sitcoms or am I just crazy? I also liked Lily's use of the word 'jokester'. I don't why, but I found that amusing too, probably because you never hear that word being used in real life, or at least I don't.

The other part of today's episode that was hilarious was when Nicki was talking to Victoria about running for state senator. Nicki was talking about the campaign issues and, well, it was just pretty ridiculous. I especially liked when Nicki said "I think everyone should have healthcare!" Good luck getting that bill passed, Nicki.

I was also impressed to see that Sharon is looking completely recovered. The last time I saw her she was still looking pretty beat up. Then I miss four shows, and all of a sudden, she's back to normal. She seems to have abnormally quick recuperative powers. Maybe Noah was right about her being a superhero after all.

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