Friday, April 6, 2007

Welcome to Genoa City Limits

This is a blog about The Young and The Restless. I have recently started watching Y&R after many years away from it. When I was growing up, my mother watched Y&R and I would watch it with her during the summer-time, when I was off from school and had nothing better to do. Since I entered the working world four years ago I have hardly seen it at all. But luckily for me, I became unemployed a month ago, and have started watching it again. I've got to say that it's actually a pretty enjoyable show, and quite addictive. I happen to find most of it very funny, due to how silly the stories are, and how over-the-top the acting can get. In my opinion, Y&R is funnier than most sitcoms on television these days (I'm looking at you, 'Everybody Loves Raymond', even though I know you're off the air now).

This week's storyline dealing with Sharon and Drucilla falling off the cliff was absolutely hilarious. The scene where those two actually fell off the cliff was so wonderfully cheesy, I couldn't stop laughing. Poor Drucilla, what a terrible way to die, getting thrown off a cliff while grabbing for a cell phone in an argument in which she wasn't even a primary participant. I had been thinking to myself that Drucilla's character was pretty lame ever since I started watching the show. She's really had no story of her own - she's just been there so Sharon could have someone to talk to. Now looking back, I guess the writers were just biding their time until they could get rid of her.

I'm glad that Sharon survived the accident. I'm very interested to see how the whole Jack/Sharon/Brad/Victoria situation gets resolved. Will Phyllis still have the gall to continue blackmailing Sharon and Brad? Will Sharon and Brad come clean with their significant others? Will I ever get a job and stop watching soap operas? Only time will tell...

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