Monday, April 9, 2007

"Neil Says Goodbye to Dru"

The kid that plays Noah Newman makes me cringe. I'm not sure what it is about him, but I just can't take it. How many times are we going to have to see him explain the comic book that he made? "Look, it's a comic book I made, I'm in it, and mom, and dad, and we're all superheroes! That's my mom, she's the blonde avenger, she's invincible!". I've got his whole spiel memorized already. Please, for the love of God, let's drop it with the comic. When Nick and Noah visited the cliff towards the end of the show, I was thinking, "wouldn't it be great if Noah fell off the cliff now too? Then he could come back when he's 17 and would actually be an interesting character." I guess that's an evil thought to have. I didn't say I was proud of it.

Oh, and is Daniel the dumbest guy in the world or what? What's up with all the porn that's popping up everywhere? Can't he figure out how to contain that stuff, so it's not always in his wife's face? And by containing it, I don't mean creating a new user on his computer named 'StudGuy101'. Real smooth, moron. It was a classic moment today when Lily opened up Daniel's cell phone and then asked him, "Why are there pictures of girls breasts on your phone?". Why, indeed. I'll tell you why, cause Daniel's a moron. And really, what's he doing messing around with that stupid blonde girl when he's married to the hottest girl on the whole show (in my opinion), Lily? Oy vey. Danny Jr. is no Danny Sr., that's all I'm gonna say. Danny Sr. could sing.

The actor of the day award goes to Don Diamont (BRAD), who had two really good exchanges. The first was with Phyllis, when Brad layed into her for coming into work the day after the accident at the cliffs. He basically yelled at her for having no soul and being a terrible person. Way to go, Brad. And then there was the exchange with Jack, when Brad got mad at Jack's plan to let the press possibly interview Sharon so soon after the accident. You tell him, Brad. I also liked the scene at the end when Brad was hugging Sharon, and then Jack came in and said, "Looks like you're in good hands". That was a nice line. So anyway, congratulations Don, nice work today. By the way, does this guy ever age? He looks basically the same as when he was a pool guy, and what was that, fifteen years ago? Didn't he used to be married to Nikki, and now he's married to her daughter? Geez, it seems like everyone's been married to Nikki.

Honorable mention goes out to Kristoff St. John (NEIL). By all accounts, today should have been his day to win the acting award, but then Brad had to go and steal his thunder. I really liked the end of the show, when Neil confronted Phyllis, telling her, "You are dead to me". That was pretty intense. I have a feeling that Dru's body is not going to be found, just a hunch. Why would they possibly have the body be found now, and shut the door on her character coming back to the show a few years down the road? I think Dru should get amnesia, and start a new life as a nun. Oh wait, did that already happen to Reva on Guiding Light? I guess there's only so many ridiculous plots you can come up with before you start recycling them.

Final thought - nice single tear by the guy that plays Neil's adopted son. How do those actors cry on command anyway? Now that is a gift. If I could cry on command, the world would be my oyster.

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