Tuesday, April 10, 2007

"Brad and Sharon Kiss"

First of all, you may be asking yourself, how am I coming up with my post titles? The answer is that I am using the episode titles that are displayed on my Tivo. I typically watch Y&R a little bit after it airs, so I can fast forward through the commercials. The bad part about this is that I have to get to the episode by going through the Tivo interface, so I have to see the title of each episode before I watch it. So today, when I fired up the old Tivo, I was faced with the title "Brad and Sharon Kiss". So before I even started watching the show, I knew the most crucial event that was going to occur. Thanks Tivo, for spoiling everything.

All right, on to today's episode. First off, my actor of the day goes to Kristoff St. John (NEIL). I thought he had a good day today, getting drunk at the bar, then confronting Brad about the affair. I particularly liked when Daniel told Neil that his daughter Lily would be stopping by and Neil drank down his scotch, then immediately yelled to Kane, "I need some coffee". I'm pretty sure that Kristoff St. John appeared on the Cosby Show at least once. I think he was a boyfriend of one of the older daughters. Does anyone else remember that? Of course, I could just look him up on IMDB, but that would take the fun out of it.

Another thing I liked about Neil's performance today was the use of the word 'damn'. I love how soap opera people are always throwing 'damn' into everything. Victor Newman is especially good at that. On today's show, Neil was talking about having a prayer service for Dru, and he said, "That's what I want to do, and I'm damn well going to do it". Totally unnecessary use of 'damn' there, I love it! I've got to start throwing that word around. "Hey Andrea, I want to watch Survivor now, and I'm damn well going to do it." Awesome! She'll never know what hit her. Also, I was wondering, does Neal have a drinking problem? From the tone of the music that played when he took that first drink, it sounded like he might be an alcoholic or something. I should carry a tape recorder with that music around and play it whenever I take a drink. That way people will know to watch out. I'll call it "Jeff's Alcohol Theme I" (in case I ever want to have an alternate drinking theme).

So what else happened today. More fallout from the blackmail. I love how there is so much blackmail going on in soap operas. Does anyone ever get blackmailed in real life? I know I've never gotten blackmailed in my life. Nor have I ever blackmailed anyone else. I think I need to get a job as an executive at a fashion/cosmetics company, then I will have all sorts of blackmail opportunities. There aren't so many blackmail opportunities in my life as it is now. One time I tried to blackmail my cat, I told her, "Belle, if you don't lie on my lap for a half hour now, I'm going to tell Andrea how you were on the kitchen counter this morning!". She didn't seem to care, though.

Poor Jack, he seems to have pretty hard luck. First of all, how is that he has no children after all this time being a main character on Y&R? Also, I can't think of any wife he has had that has been memorable. When you think of Jack, what woman do you think of? Is it Phyllis? I pretty much missed the Jack/Phyllis relationship, so I don't know how good that was. But they never had kids, right, so how good could it have been? I remember years ago, when they brought that Vietnamese guy on the show (Kimo I think was the character's name), and that turned out to be Jack's son, from his tour of duty in 'Nam. That was pretty ridiculous. And now, Sharon doesn't want to marry Jack, plus he's being set up for a fall courtesy of Victor Newman. When will things ever go his way?

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